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The Saratoga Sun changed format, again?

If you’re reading the print edition of the Saratoga Sun this week, you’ll notice a change to how things have been the past few months. As many of our readers may recall, in April we changed printers. While we had been printing in Cheyenne for several years, we made the move to Riverton, home of the Riverton Ranger.

We are still printing at the Riverton Ranger, but have decided to change from the broadsheet format to the tabloid.

When we first made that change, I wrote a column asking for input from readers and, boy, did I get input. Though we had a handful of people who enjoyed the new, larger size of the newspaper it seemed far more people did not. I received emails, phone calls and was even stopped on the street from time to time to be told how difficult the new size was.

We not only heard, we listened. This week’s paper should be proof of that.

Going forward, you will find a smaller, more compact Saratoga Sun in your post office box and on your newsstand. This isn’t the first time the Sun has been printed in tabloid size, a look through our archive shows, more often than not, we went with a tabloid size rather than a broadsheet.

Of course, we will likely be making little tweaks and changes to our format as we move forward. All of it is with the goal of providing our readers with the best product we can each week. As always, your input is appreciated.


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