Hanna Marshal to retire

After 13 years with Hanna Marshal’s Office, Jeff Neimark’s last day is June 4

Following more than a decade of service to the Town of Hanna, Jeff Neimark has announced his retirement from the Hanna Marshal’s Office and from law enforcement. Hired in 2008, Neimark’s 13 years as Hanna law enforcement makes him the longest serving Town Marshal in the history of Hanna.

Along with the 13 years he served as Hanna Marshal, Neimark’s retirement brings an end to 31 years in law enforcement. His career began in 1989 as a police officer in the City of Highwood, Illinois. While there, he started the department’s first bicycle patrol program and served as a bicycle patrol officer for over 10 years.

“There have been a lot of great accomplishments here but nothing more rewarding than saving several lives in my career, including saving two lives while working, as the Hanna Town Marshal,” said Neimark. “One of my biggest and proudest accomplishments in Hanna was starting our less-than-lethal program. I would have no idea that within a year of starting the program, I would have an opportunity to save a life when putting this program into action with a violent armed subject in Medicine Bow.”

A full interview with Neimark will run in a later edition of the Saratoga Sun.


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