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Landfill Board learns of monies owed

Saratoga mayor pro-tem Bob Keel informs UPRSWDD of more than $90,000 owed to district


November 11, 2020

On October 28 the Upper Platte River Solid Waste Disposal District (UPRSWDD) held a special meeting with Saratoga mayor pro-tem Bob Keel to discuss the fund balance previously held by the town. This meeting was originally going to be held after the November 4 town council meeting, but was moved up in order to ensure there was a recording of the district’s concerns if a mayor were to be chosen after the election.

Randy Raymer called the meeting to order, then allowed Keel to present the findings of accountant James Childress. In order to determine if the Town of Saratoga had paid everything in full to the district, they chose a starting point in 2003, where the books were good, and moved forward month-by-month to check all billing, expenses and income as it pertained to the district.

It was stated that Childress was looking for confirmation on $17,000 past due that the town was billing. While a report by Childress was not yet ready for the district, Keel stated the Town of Saratoga owes the district approximately $93,239.67. It was determined that the major deficiency was gate receipts not being given back to the district, however Keel also stated there was a minor deficiency in accounts receivable.

Keel stated there is approximately $140,000 in the town landfill fund, and a motion would be made at a town council meeting to write a check to the district for the amount owed.

After his presentation was done, Raymer took the floor. He expressed some concern with the $17,000 past due, as the town pays the district what they bill regardless of the accounts receivables. Raymer continued that there should not be any past due delinquencies deducted from the amount, as those belonged to the town. However, he stated it was difficult to determine without anything in writing to examine.

“The district has always bartered for the billing and collection services with the town in exchange for free landfill,” Raymer stated.

The former agreement between the town and district had the town complete billing operations in exchange for free landfill services. In addition, the district paid an administration fee of $0.55 per each municipally billed user per month. This agreement ended June 30, 2020, and the landfill soon moved to their own billing system.

“We have not had a good relationship with the Town of Saratoga for a long time as it relates to billing,” Raymer further expressed.

Some confusion occurred over the remaining funds in the landfill fund, with Keel stating it was administrative fees that had not been taken out of the account. This created further confusion, as the only administrative fees the district paid were the $0.55 per user, in order to cover postage. Raymer stated there should not have been any money made from the administrative fees.

The rest of the meeting involved further going in depth on these issues, however no major conclusion was reached. Keel finalized by stating he would get Childress’s report to the district as soon as it was done and discusswith the town council about giving the district the money when they are done. The landfill board expressed no issue with waiting until December for the issue to be resolved.

The next UPRSWDD meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on December 2, 2020, at the Platte Valley Community Center.


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