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Below the Saratoga standard


October 28, 2020


I am compelled to write this letter based on the actions of thugs that have decided to embark on mischief here in Saratoga. I believe the citizens of Saratoga have a standard of acceptable behavior that has been challenged. If you are one of the cowards that has trespassed and stolen political signs or has decided to deface the portable toilets at Veterans Island Park with graffiti, then you have fallen short of that standard.

If you were involved in either of the acts of stealing or vandalizing other people’s property, then you are a criminal! You may not ever have to answer for your actions in a court of law, but your conscience has already convicted you of being guilty.

Don’t get me wrong. If you have a candidate or cause that you are passionate about, by all means, beat that drum of support as loud as you see fit. It is your right. But remember, the person down the street has that very same right, even if their position or cause is 180 degrees opposite your view.

I encourage every single person to hold themselves to a standard of conduct that is above criminal activity. In closing, I strongly encourage every one of us to exercise out right to vote. The only vote that doesn’t count is the one that isn’t cast.


Ken Collamer


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