Three new cases in CCSD2

Two confirmed cases in northern schools, one in Saratoga

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As the count of active cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to rise in Carbon County and across Wyoming, Carbon County School District No. 2 (CCSD2) recently announced three active cases among staff members.

CCSD2 Superintendent Jim Copeland made the announcement on Sunday morning through the CCSD2 website. In the announcement, Copeland stated that the results of two positive results came due to ongoing random testing performed by the school district on all of its employees. Those two individuals are staff members working in schools in the Hanna, Elk Mountain and Medicine Bow area. Another positive case, this one a staff member at Saratoga Elementary School, came about as a result of testing done outside of the school districts program.

In the announcement, Copeland stated that the two positive cases from the northern part of the school district had been following all protocols including social distancing and wearing face coverings when unable to maintain social distancing or staying in the classroom cohort. Carbon County Public Health had contacted the two individuals who are under 14-day quarantine and is conducting contact tracing. Additionally, the individual from SES is also under 14-day quarantine.

Copeland stated that, according to Carbon County Public Health, that no other quarantines of individuals was necessary at this time. Along with the three positive cases with staff members, the superintendent stated that several students were at home on quarantine due to a parent or sibling testing positive.

"COVID-19 positives across the CCSD2 area are increasing—therefore, we ask that any student with a symptom (stay) home and please contact your medical provider if you or any family member experiences symptoms. Please follow all health protocols of social distancing and wearing face coverings when at school," wrote Copeland. "If you have questions about protocols or questions about these positive cases, please call the District Office (307-326-5271). While we can't breach confidentiality, we will be glad to answer the questions are allowed to answer or put you in contact with CCPH (Carbon County Public Health. The District is closely monitoring these current situations along with CCPH and will keep you posted with updates."


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