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Vikings steal Miner victory

HEM punches back against Guernsey-Sunrise but fall 33-58


September 30, 2020

The Hanna, Elk Mountain, Medicine Bow (HEM) Miners continued to dig for a win as they were hosted by the Guernsey-Sunrise Vikings

It was not to be.

Not because the Miners did not play a competitive game, but the team is still finding its footing according to Head Coach Zach Scott.

Though the Miners did not score in the 1st quarter they only allowed one touchdown by the Vikings. The 2nd quarter, HEM scored 13 points, but were not able to keep Guernsey-Sunrise from scoring three goals making the score at the half 13-25.

“Our young guys are starting to adapt and we have improved every game,” Scott said. “A win/loss doesn’t mean anything so as long as we are improving.”

The 3rd quarter was hard for the Miners as they allowed the Vikings to score on them twice, while the defense of Guernsey-Sunrise kept them scoreless. The 4th quarter had the Miners outscore Guernsey-Sunrise 20-19, but the die was cast. HEM lost the game 33-58.

Scott said a few starters were out due to injuries and other circumstances. He has been rotating kids into different positions.

“With players in new positions, we sometimes shoot ourselves in the foot,” Scott said. “We have trouble in the red zone. We get down there and then don’t come up with a score. Our defense is in flux and, with kids in new roles, it takes time for adjustment.”

Scott said he has players that are doing well as the team learns to gel.

“Devon Grosstick is putting up big numbers,” Scott said. “He is playing really well both offensively and defensively.”

Grosstick rushed 17 times for 181 yards for two touch downs. He completed 11 passes out of 18 for 125 yards which led to two scores. He had seven solo tackles and assisted on four giving a total of 11 tackles.

“Ura Schmidt had nine catches last game, which is an impressive feat on its own” Scott said. “He is our physical force on both sides.”

Schmidt had five solo tackles and five assisted for a total of 10 tackles.

“Taylor Kennedy is an essential part of our team and he has been really working hard,” Scott said. “He had 13 tackles this week. He is a very good football player.”

Kennedy had two receptions for 48 yards, one of them leading to a score. He also completed a pass for 21 yards.

Scott said he is looking forward to the homecoming game on Saturday.

“I am excited and our kids are primed for a win,” Scott said. “Everyone is working hard and we think why not have a win in one of our only two home games and show the fans how much we have improved. Our kids have it, but the revolving door of positions has taken time for us to adjust. We are ready for a win.”

The homecoming game is at noon on October 3 against Midwest, a conference team that is 1-2 overall and 1-0 in the conference.


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