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Riverside moves funds

At request of Joint Powers Board, Riverside Town Council transfers 6th penny funds


September 23, 2020

The September 9, 2020 Riverside Town Council meeting was short but industrious. The meeting opened with a Public Hearing for the transfer of liquor license for the Mangy Moose. Having submitted the proper paperwork and transfer fees the license was transferred in name from Joelle and Desi Vacher, owners of the Mangy Moose, to the Mangy Moose, LLC. There were no comments from the public so the hearing was adjourned. A motion was made and passed to transfer the liquor license.

Minutes, financial statements and bills were all approved promptly.

Lee Ann Stephenson, Sierra Madre Joint Powers Board (SMJPB) Representative, then provided an update on the Specific Purpose Tax. A total of $1.4 million was collected since last month. There was some discussion as to whether or not there would be another distribution or wait for bonding, which may not happen until October as the bonding agents are still waiting for an audit to be forwarded from the county. The only entity to request a distribution was the county. The Specific Tax Board decided to distribute to all or distribute to none, therefore, they will wait for the audit.

A question was asked regarding the amount that has been collected since they began collecting the 6th Penny tax last October. The answer, $6,800,293 so far. It is speculated the amount is so high due to the wind farm projects taking place in the area.

Stephenson also requested the amount from the previous distribution of the specific purpose tax be transferred to the SMJPB. The Riverside Town Council motioned and passed the amount of $35,864.53 to be transferred.

The next item on the agenda was zoning. A permit was received from the Harrington’s to build an addition which totals about 120 square feet. The Riverside Town Council voted to approve the application.

A letter will also be sent out to the Smith’s requesting they file the appropriate paper work for a structure that was given to them.

Lastly, the matter of watering the little red trees along the highway was discussed. Jon Nelson was in attendance and suggested purchasing a water tank that would fit in the back of a pickup truck from Tractor Supply, the cost of which would be around $350. Jan Cook, Riverside Town Clerk, pointed out that it would cost more than $350 to replace the trees. The Riverside Town Council voted to purchase a water tank not to exceed $500 in cost to be used for watering the trees.

The next meeting of the Riverside Town Council will be on October 8, 2020 at the Riverside Town Hall.


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