What happens now?

Following the resignation of Mayor John Zeiger a special election is unlikely

The last time a mayor resigned in Saratoga was on August 5, 1996 when Mayor Brad Cary read a brief statement and then exited the council chambers leaving both his council and town hall staff stunned.

A little more than 24 years later, Mayor John Zeiger announced his resignation as well. A distinct difference, however, is that Zeiger did not attend the August 18 meeting nor did he read a statement. The announcement, instead, was posted on social media and read at the meeting by Councilmember Bob Keel.

Despite the nearly quarter century between the two resignations, there are similarities and...


Reader Comments(2)

LHealey writes:

I fail to see why Councilwoman Welton, having been an elected member of the Council for so many years and now an appointed member, would not offer the future council members the opportunity to voice their thoughts in a mere two months. It would also give Mayor ProTem Keel an opportunity to show a commitment to the office after he himself made so many public statements about wanting to resign. I find myself without confidence in his leadership abilities after voting for him in 2018. With respect

RHodges writes:

Thank you - you have researched this and given us needed information Judy Hodges