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Saratoga Museum requesting submissions for 2020 time capsule


August 5, 2020

In 2009, the late Stephen Hawking threw a Time Traveler’s Party. The most curious part about this event is that Hawking sent the invitations out after the party as an experiment to determine if time travel was possible. While, at the moment, backwards time travel is only possible in books and movies, there is a way for forward time travel.

The Saratoga Historical and Cultural Association (Saratoga Museum) is providing a way for current area residents to send a bit of themselves into the future with the creation of a 2020 Time Capsule. In a press release, the museum is requesting submissions of writing, art, photos or anything for future generations to show what life was like during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Possible subjects for the time capsule include family, work life, children, schooling and animals. Additionally, school classes could consider doing a class project to show how COVID-19 restrictions changed their educational experience.

“While most people think of the past when visiting a museum or donating something to a museum, we sometimes forget that our present life experiences will be of historical interest to future generations,” said Saratoga Historical and Culture Association President Connie Patterson.

Patterson added that a recent presentation by local historian Candy Moulton at Saratoga Museum’s annual meeting “really brought home the importance of preserving current letters, journals and photos for future research.” She said 2020 has been a unique year in history and one that future generations may want to study.

Among items collected by the museum will be local newspaper articles regarding COVID-19 and some artifacts collected locally.

Residents who wish to submit material to the 2020 Time Capsule may do so by emailing [email protected] or dropping materials off at the Saratoga Museum during open hours. Materials may also be mailed to:

Saratoga Museum

P.O. Box 1131

Saratoga, Wyoming 82331

For more information or questions, contact Saratoga Museum Director Kimberly Givens at 307-326-5511 or Connie Patterson at 307-329-6564.


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