Saratoga receives 6th penny funds

Initial disbursement of $230,000 accepted by Town of Saratoga, bond closing meeting to be held at later date

The Town of Saratoga and other entities in Carbon County will be receiving their first payouts from the 2019 Specific Purpose Sales and Excise Tax (6th penny tax) totaling $1.5 million.

At their July 7 meeting, the Saratoga Town Council read and adopted resolution 2020-09 which authorized the Carbon County treasurer to distribute $1,524,249.26 to “sponsoring entities” while depositing $2 million in an escrow account.

“We had a meeting July 1 up at Rawlins and had a number of items that came before the board that needed to be taken back to all respective entities’ councils. A couple of them are...


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