Plea to Governor Gordon

Dear Governor Gordon,

May I ask who cuts your hair?

I assume someone in Cheyenne -

or someplace close to there.

When I see you on the TV

your hair looks mighty good.

If I just knew who dun’ that

I think mine also could.

Indeed, it is a long ol’ drive

from Encampment all that way.

But, with an early start

I’d be back in just a day.

As you know, shops here are closed

and all over the State, I guess.

If you do not let them open

We’ll become a hairy mess.

You see, I’ve always kept well trimmed

since I was just a lad.

Now after weeks without one

my durned hair is lookin’ bad.

When I was just a youngster

that chore my dear mom did.

I had a lot of pride in school-

I was the best trimmed kid.

The Army kept me trimmed well, too,

since then, my barber friend.

Now, after 80 years have past

my haircuts may soon end.

I have a mental problem

which has plagued me now for years.

I get a case of jitters

when my hair grows past my ears.

I’d love just one more haircut before I pass away.

I’d tip your barber fairly.

That would really make my day!

I’d be so dadburn grateful

for your barber’s name and place

that I’d do my best this next-go-around

to help your Governor’s race.

If you feel you just can’t share this,

then perhaps you might could tell of any “Bootleg Barbers” who a haircut they might sell.

Pat Lynch

Encampment, WY


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