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Dear Editor,

Our world is dealing with an unprecedented time that has not been seen in generations, if ever. We are being asked to do things we would never consider as normal–social distancing being the most prominent. There is no one immune from this. It is a global issue. We all see the news showing how the numbers of those infected and having died from this virus continues to grow exponentially on a daily, or even hourly, basis.

That said, those of us in Wyoming, and Carbon County in particular, have opportunities to deal with this better than most everyone else in the nation. Just the fact that our population is so small gives us a leg up in socially isolating ourselves from contracting this virus. Social distancing includes, but is not limited to, remaining six feet in distance from others, limit gatherings to immediate household members, wash or sanitize your hands often, do not touch your face and remain at home if you are sick. For all recommended guidelines, please go to

As mentioned, Carbon County residents are in a perfect position to enjoy what we have in our own backyard and not feel isolated by what is happening. It’s time for a “staycation” and be a tourist in your own county. Breathe some fresh air. Go for a walk, bike ride, car ride while practicing social distancing.

Some ideas for embracing Carbon County during this time include:

Fishing at some of the best fishing holes in the country: Seminoe Reservoir, Saratoga Lake, the Platte River, the Encampment River, the Little Snake River, High Savery Reservoir. Did you know that the Miracle Mile is in Carbon County? Maybe its time to take another look at catching that big one. I’m sure I’ve missed a few of the best spots, but this is just an example.

Did you know Carbon County, and Rawlins in particular, are situated perfectly along the Continental Divide Trail and the Transamerica Trail? You can ride north, south, east or west on your bicycle and probably never encounter another person. You can ride for 40 miles in any direction and still be in Carbon County. You don’t have to head up to the snow in the mountains for a day-trip on your bicycle!

Have you taken a drive over Highway 30 towards Hanna and Medicine Bow to check out the progress of moving the Fossil House to it’s final display location in Medicine Bow? Maybe now is the time.

There are some wonderful car rides that you can take east to Medicine Bow or Elk Mountain, north to Independence Rock, south to High Savery and the mountains, West to the Red Desert and Baggs. There are things to see/do in any direction from any location in Carbon County.

Have you ever driven to the north side of Seminoe? There is fishing and boat ramp access from Hanna or Medicine Bow to that area.

These are just some of the things that can be done during our social distancing. Take a picnic lunch and go for an adventure in your own backyard. Carbon County isn’t just for out-of-town tourists, it’s an adventure-filled location for locals, too! The Carbon County Visitors Council promotes and supports all of this, besides events that are held during the year. If you have any questions about things to get you out of the house and still distance yourself, Carbon County Visitors Council is standing ready to help you plan that adventure. Just call 307-320-8487 or 307-324-3020 to find out how you can weather this storm outdoors in your Carbon County!

Marilyn Godfrey, Chairperson, Carbon County Visitors’ Council


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