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Public involvement is critical


Dear Editor,

Do we citizens of Carbon County want the Federal Government to have total control over our natural resources? Fishing, hunting, agriculture, ranching, energy, recreation, water, air, mineral, timber, our economy (to name a few) are our heritage and way of life. Unfortunately, we are in a very sad state of affairs when our County Commissioners don’t appreciate or seem to want representation from all the people to formulate a Natural Resource Management Plan for Carbon County.

The Commissioners voted on March 17, 2020 to have only seven people that will be required to represent approximately 20 natural resource areas in Carbon County. These seven include one commissioner and six others the commissioners have appointed and, from their discussion, represents only a few of the areas: agriculture, some wind, recreation and energy. Interestingly, all affiliated with the conservation district, a government agency.

Are you citizens of Carbon County aware that Carbon County is forming a Natural Resource Management Plan for the whole county? If so, how have they received your public input because it was stated that the public has had ample opportunity for public input. The commissioners seem to have no concern about government overreach. The Federal Government and her agencies have a tendency, as we all know, to usurp roles, responsibilities and powers never granted to them by the Constitution. We all need to be concerned about this fact and who decided to write our Carbon County Natural Resource Management Plan. We, the people, living in this county with firsthand knowledge can be more effective and better equipped to write this extremely important plan for our county. Our natural resources affect all of us and we all need to be involved!

Why the concern?

Because if the county does not have a plan in place, the Federal Government can come into our county and tell us how to use our resources with no input from you, the people! As concerned citizens of Carbon County, is that what you want? We presented to the commissioners December 3 how important it is to have a steering committee made up of people in Carbon County that has knowledge, interest and expertise in the various natural resources and who would be happy to work on a plan for the county and not leave it in the hands of a consulting firm who would not have the people’s interests at heart or know the county or the county’s resources, like the people of the county.

Our question is why the commissioners want to exclude the people they were elected to represent. Who are the commissioners representing? Who do they really work for and who is benefiting by them ignoring public opinion? Phone numbers and names were given to one of our commissioners informing them of another county that did go with a consulting firm (in fact, the same firm the commissioners have named they will go with) that blatantly ignored the people’s wishes and now the people of that county are in lawsuits defending the resources that rightfully affect the people of that county.

We feel this should be a non-partisan concern. Everyone should be concerned and there should be a committee represented by the people of Carbon County to formulate and put this plan into action. Without this representation by the people, our Republic will die. Also our freedoms, our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. All that has made this country great! This usurpation of power has to be stopped. It’s important to speak up, to be involved, to educate ourselves on what’s being done, or not done, by our elected leaders who took an oath to represent we the people and the Constitution.

It’s Carbon County citizens’ duty to make known to our commissioners that they need to appoint, which includes suggestions from the people, a well-rounded steering committee and/or subcommittees to address the 20 areas of concern. Not one commissioner and just six others whom are all affiliated with the conservation district, a government entity. All the people should be represented and all areas! The Natural Resource Management Plan should represent the people of Carbon County.


Ron and Mayvon Platt.


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