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Tourism worth investing in


March 18, 2020


In response to the article by Mike Armstrong,”A Missed Opportunity” I would like to support both Mr. Armstrong’s reporting and the members of the CCVC as well as other tourism partners. As Bill Sniffen noted in “Tourism is a runaway success for the Cowboy State,” tourism is the second-largest industry in the state, with promises of greater growth and expansion ahead.

If you are a conservative who believes in trickle down economics, tourism spending is essentially putting money in the bank. For every dollar spent on promoting tourism, we gain three to six dollars in revenue, and that is a conservative estimate.

It is unfortunate that Senator Hicks is mired in the past way of thinking that tourism is not a viable industry. It is also unfortunate he is (apparently) rude and short-sighted. I have traveled quite a bit and as an outsider who is now living here, Carbon County is beautiful. It is such a special place and if we do not promote and invest in tourism here, people will simply pass us by. Like it or not, it is 2020 and tourism dollars are vital to our communities.

C.J. Box does everything he can for local tourism, as do other business owners and leaders. Danny Burau, owner of Firewater Public House, is correct in that today’s tourist may well become tomorrow’s resident. The CCVC works tirelessly to promote our region. As the marketing director of the Carbon County Museum, I am always promoting not only the museum, but Carbon County as well as Wyoming tourism as a whole.

As several of Wyoming’s counties continue to lose population, the best thing we can do economically is to have a plan going forward that includes tourism funding as a priority.

Dolores Pfeuffer-Scherer, PhD


Director, Marketing and Development

Carbon County Museum


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