In Memory of Carrie Craig


February 12, 2020

Photo courtesy of Dick Perue Photo by Starley Talbott

The late Carrie Craig was a reporter, photographer, darkroom technician and printer's devil for "The Saratoga Sun" in the mid-1970's. As a student trainee she learned the business from then publisher Dick Perue and the award winning newspaper staff.

Dear loyal readers: Please indulge me this week as I pay tribute to a former Sun employee and "adopted daughter"-Carrie Ann Craig who recently passed away at the too young age of 63.

Carrie was a student trainee at "The Saratoga Sun" in the mid-to-late 1970s and was a reporter, photographer, darkroom technician, printer's devil and all around "gofer". Although she worked at the award winning weekly newspaper for only four years, she often bragged that that training and experience were the basis for her superb job at the media center of the school district office for 40 years.

She was a handful as a trainee, but got the job done, and as her obituary noted, "Carrie was known for her sharp wit, sense of humor, generosity and kindness".

A fund raiser for the family of Carrie will be held Friday evening at Angus England Post 54 American Legion hall.

This guest column also highlights the agony a weekly newspaper editor faced years ago.

- Dick Perue

Saratoga Chips

by Dick Perue

The Saratoga Sun" Feb. 20, 1975


"When you see some action, shoot and hope for the best." That's the advice we give "SUN" staff photographers, and that's the way one reacted Tuesday night as a streaker raced through the Platte Valley gym during the Saratoga-Medicine Bow basketball game.

Carrie Craig, the 19-year-old, who shoots a lot of sports for the Sun, captured the streaker in all his glory as he headed across the basketball court.

Miss Craig reports just automatically shooting the picture and then thinking about what she had witnessed.

After thinking about the incident, she became so embarrassed that she couldn't continue shooting pictures of the basketball game. The roll of 12 negatives contains only two pictures, a sharp basketball shot and a most explicit streaker picture.



 The SUN is trying to be a progressive newspaper and present all the things that happen around town, but we just can't bring ourselves to present the streaker in the raw, so we are printing the picture of him, and believe me it is a HIM, with a fig leaf covering what may be objectionable material to some persons.

We also toyed with the idea of making it a front page picture, but couldn't justify taking the picture of the new Presbyterian minister off that page in order to put a streaker there. So here he is . . .

"Saratoga Chips" was a weekly column I ran in the "Sun" from 1954 until 1982. If it didn't fit in the paper anywhere else I placed it in "Chips". P.S .: I just noticed-that's a clover leaf, not a fig leaf covering up the streaker's "private parts".


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