A Greenway to North County

New principal, Jason Greenway, brings international experience to rural schools


August 7, 2019

Mike Armstrong

Jason Greenway is the new principal for the elementary schools of Elk Mountain, Hanna and Medicine Bow.

Jason Greenway, the new principal for Hanna Elementary, Elk Mountain Elementary and Medicine Bow Elementary, was born and raised in Tucson, Ari. He went to college at Northern Arizona University for his bachelors and graduate degrees. Greenway majored in elementary education and education leadership.

He is the oldest of four siblings.

After graduating, he was employed in the Phoenix school system.

"After teaching in Phoenix for four years, I was looking for some new adventure," Greenway said. "One of my big mentors in my teaching career had gone overseas to teach in Germany and she invited me to come over."

It was his first time to Europe and Greenway said he was excited to see how education worked in another country.

"I actually got to be in her classroom and see how the international schools worked," Greenway said. "Because of that experience, I told myself, I wanted to try this and a year later found myself teaching at the international school in Moscow."

After teaching in Russia, the next country he taught in was Hungary.

"Budapest was where I taught the longest, six years, then I went to Baku in Azerbaijan and then came back to the United States," Greenway said. "Then I was a principal at an elementary school in eastern Montana. The town was Glendive."

Greenway said he enjoyed Montana, but had always had an interest in working in Wyoming.

"I always have looked at jobs in Wyoming because, when I was young, I always traveled out West," Greenway said. "It was mostly Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Colorado. I am a big photographer and I love wide open spaces. Truly, I just love the West." He said he jumped at the chance to work in Wyoming when he saw an opportunity. Greenway said he is excited about having the chance to work in the communities in northern Carbon County.

He said his background n teaching in other countries made him aware how different education can be in different places, whether it is another country or town.

"They were all independent schools and it has prepared me to take in different attitudes and cultures," Greenway said. "It makes me very open to wanting to understand every community. I want to be inclusive of all."

Concerning home school students, he understands there are personal reasons for families to take this option. He believes it is the right of the family to pursue this, but he hopes the families will come and talk to him about how the school system can benefit the student.

"We want to incorporate the home school students where we can," Greenway said. "The important thing is to have the dialogue open at all times."

Greenway said education has been a meaningful career to him and he wants to bring excitement, energy and passion to the schools he is a principal.

"I want to help inspire the teachers and students to continue at a really high level," Greenway said. "The staff at the schools here have been great in welcoming me and that is a plus for any principal, especially with the talented educators here already."

He said his biggest goal is to develop relationships with students, teachers and parents.

"I think building relationships is key, in a school," Greenway said. "The important thing is, I am here and my door is open. I am here to serve the community."


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