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Teacher, wife, mother ... rancher

Fresh out of college, MBES teacher DeWitt reflects on process of becoming a spouse and mom during tenure. Plans to move into ranching with her family


Mike Armstrong

MBES teacher Chelsea DeWitt is appreciative of her time in Medicine Bow and looks forward to spending more time with her young family.

The first teaching job that Chelsea DeWitt got out of college was at Medicine Bow Elementary School (MBES).

"This was the best first teaching job I could have ever hoped for," DeWitt said. "I came fresh out of the University of Wyoming in 2014."

Before completing her degree at the University of Wyoming, she graduated from Southeast High School in Yoder, Wyoming. Both her parents teach at the school there. DeWitt said she grew up in Huntley on a ranch.

Her husband is a rancher and DeWitt said she is leaving MBES to go back to Huntley and work on the family ranch.

"We are moving back to Huntley where we will farm and ranch and I might pick up some substitute work, but with my children being three and three months old, it is a good time for me take some time off," DeWitt said. "With them being so young, I will get a chance to do things with them that I have been missing out on."

When she started, there were 27 students in MBES.

"It has sort of petered out since that time," DeWitt said. "But you can't tell what is going to happen in the near future with all the projects coming in."

DeWitt started at MBES teaching 3rd and 4th grade. Then she taught 3rd, 4th and 5th. There were no 6th graders.

"The kids got to see me engaged, married and have children," DeWitt said. "A few have seen me go through a whole process of being a mother which has been sort of cool."

DeWitt makes clear, although she is excited about being with her family up in Huntley, she will miss MBES.

"It honestly feels like I am leaving part of my family as I leave here, even though I know I am going to live with my real family, " DeWitt said. "I am excited being near my family, but it really does feel like I am leaving my adopted family."

DeWitt said she really loved coming to work and her job.

"It has been an awesome atmosphere to work in and for a first time teacher, leaving here is a bittersweet experience," DeWitt said. "This job has kept me and my husband here for a while because we have been wanting to go to my home for a while. We finally decided it was ready to take the plunge."

She said Carbon County School District No. 2 has been supportive of her while she was a teacher. DeWitt said the staff at MBES helped her tremendously.

"Shelly (Cooper) and Courtney (Priest) are my people," DeWitt said. "I can't say enough on how much they helped me and made me feel so welcome."

DeWitt knows the school looked to be in danger of being closed this year, but was relieved and happy it didn't happen.

"I hope this school is here for years to come," DeWitt said. "The community and teachers are just so exceptional, it would be a tragedy if this place closed."

DeWitt said she will treasure her time she taught teaching at MBES.

"I could not have had a better first job and I will always be grateful to those who helped make it happen," DeWitt concluded.


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