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October 10, 2018

Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that the Saratoga City Council is planning NOT to renew the lease on the Platte Valley Medical Clinic building to Dr. Kaiser, and, instead is turning it over to HMS to run.

Though I am not a Saratoga resident, I have a vested interest in keeping Dr. Kaiser in his professional position at the clinic. I, and others in Rawlins, have willingly and gratefully driven over to Saratoga from Rawlins to receive excellent health services from the doctors at the clinic; first Dr. Norton, then Dr. Bartholomew and now Dr. Kaiser. I chose the services of these fine doctors as well as the clinic’s other personnel, and I’d like to state that in, my opinion, the lease to the clinic should be continued with Dr. Kaiser. I and the other patients of Dr. Kaiser from the Platte Valley area and Rawlins deserve to have the expertise of a medical doctor, not just FNPs or PAs to diagnose and prescribe for our major health needs.

Additionally, considering the time and money commitment that Dr. Kaiser has put into purchasing the practice from Dr. Bartholomew, it seems only fair and reasonable to extend the lease on the clinic building to him for as long as he wishes to continue to practice and live in the Valley.


Sherril Bailey



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