Plastics shouldn't be buried


August 29, 2018


It is official. Plastic bottles along with glass are no longer being recycled at the Saratoga landfill/transfer station.

At the August 1st monthly meeting of the Upper Platte River Solid Waste Disposal District, its Chairman, Randy Raymer, said; “Glass is being put in the roll off to be put in the CD … pit … and so is mixed ridges (plastics)”, according to the Saratoga Sun article of August 8.

If you want your plastic containers as well as your pop and beer boxes recycled, your must take them to the Rawlins Recycling Center.

If you leave your plastic containers at the Saratoga transfer station, they will be bailed and buried in the construction pit. Non-corrugated cardboard like beer and pop boxes as well as cereal, cracker and other boxes also continue to go in the trash rather than being recycled.

As I announced in an earlier letter, Marty Holloway, Superintendent of the Rawlins Recycling Center, has invited all Saratoga and Encampment area residents and businesses to bring their plastics and gray boxes to Rawlins for recycling.

Recycling has become more difficult nationally because of our problems with China. To learn firsthand about the problems and solutions for recycling, I attended the annual Wyoming Solid Waste and Recycling Association convention in Casper last week. While there, I attended recycling talks about “The China Effect, Maximizing Your Markets”, and “Recycling Market Updates”.

In the Market Updates talk, Beau Peck of Interwest Paper Inc. of Salt Lake City, which operates in seven western states, assured us that while recycling is more difficult, the price for recycled goods is down and the Asian markets are nearly closed, his firm, Interwest, is still accepting plastics and most other recyclable goods and are finding markets for these items in America.

Rawlins Recycling Center sends all their recycled goods to Interwest to be recycled.

I was assured that anything recycled in Rawlins will go to Utah.

Please take your plastic containers and your non-corrugated cardboard to Rawlins Recycling Center to be sent to Utah for recycling. Rawlins Recycling also pays 25 cents a pound for aluminum cans.

Please keep recycling

Richard Hodges

Saratoga Recycling Service

307-710- 8082


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