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OSHA walk throughs discussed

Saratoga Town Council pays bills, hears termination of maintenance contract, OHSA reports in early meeting


March 28, 2018

The Saratoga Town Council met an hour before the usual time Tuesday, meeting at 5 p.m. on March 20. Mayor Ed Glode and the town council members held the meeting earlier so all could attend the South Central Wyoming Emergency Services (SWCEMS) monthly meeting being held at the Platte Valley Community Center at 6 p.m.

The town council approved regular business and the financials. The bills totaled $96,861.43. Glode said he had correspondence from Ryan Electronics that told the town it would be ending its maintenance contract with the town on May 1. Ryan Electronics said they were terminating business operation on July 1. The company said it would work with the town to make the transition smooth to another contractor.

Council member Steve Wilcoxson told those assembled Kirby Berger had not attended the meeting concerning the Tyler Pickett Park because Berger was following the park’s original design and if changes needed to be made, it would happen after the park had irrigation and seed established. Wilcoxson said any changes to be made with the design would happen next year.

An Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspector did a walk through in the police department. Robert Bifano, Saratoga police chief, said most of what the OSHA inspector had found lacking was able to be taken care of immediately. He said the backup generator had needed to be plugged in a different way and the problem had been fixed.

Lisa Burton, recreation department director, said the OSHA inspector had found some problems with the pool area that needed to be changed, mentioning specifically a sink in the wrong area. She said the gym’s storage area was not what the OSHA inspector wanted. Burton said storage behind the bleachers was not acceptable to OSHA, so the storage units on the roof might need to be upgraded.

Jon Winter, public works and streets director, said OSHA had done a walk through with him and he would be waiting for the final report to see what needed to fixed. The town approved Winter putting an advertisement for summer helpers.

The council approved payment for an engineering design fee for the airport. The bulk of the fee is paid by Department of Transportation at $9,675; the State’s share is $645 and the amount for Saratoga is $430. The total is $10,750.

Will Faust, town council member, said the sign by the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort that had been put up without a permitted variance had been taken down until the planning commission approved the variance.

The council adjourned after Glode said he was interested on what would happen at the SCWEMS meeting later that evening.

The next scheduled town council meeting will be at 6 p.m. on April 3 at the Saratoga Town Hall.


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