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District asks for feedback

CCSD No. 2 puts up anonymous survey, looks for ways to improve educational experience


Carbon County School District No. 2 is using an anonymous computer survey to solicit input from faculty and staff, as well as students and teachers to, help the district find areas of improvement.

According to CCSD No.2 Superintendent Jim Copeland, the district is asking stakeholders, including students and parents, to logon to an online survey and complete it. By doing so, parents will help the district isolate issues it may not be aware of, as well as suggesting new ways of doing things, Copeland said.

The survey is available on the school district’s website, and will be open until Jan. 10.

The results of the surveys will be read by members of CCSD No.2. The survey is anonymous, Copeland said, but non-identifying statistical information about the results will be shared with the public.

There are 32 multiple choice questions on the parents’ survey and three optional open-ended questions where respondents can say anything they would like.

The survey is estimated to take about 10-15 minutes, depending on the amount of time a respondent spends on the free answer portion.

The questions are divided into several high-level categories of interest for the district, including communication, leadership quality, use of technology, whether parents feel the education needs of their children are being met and even questions about facilities.

So far, about 93 parents have responded to the survey, Copeland said.

It is important for the district to gather data from as many parents as possible so the results of the survey will be most useful, Copeland said.

The questions on the survey were developed by the district’s accrediting agency. The questions are all research-based, and the accrediting agency will score the results of the survey.

“Hopefully, we will get some great input back that we can use to improve some areas that we may not think about on our own,” Copeland said. “We haven’t generally done surveys in the last several years and I think it’s time to do a wide survey and get all of those three groups’ input and move forward.

“With it being anonymous, I think that gives people the freedom to share more than they would if it was not.”

A link to the survey is on the CCSD No. 2 website, as well as the website for each school in the district, Copeland said. It will be open until Jan. 10.


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