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Benefit set for Woffords

Roast beef dinner and raffle Dec. 16 at Hanna Rec. Center to help premature baby, family


Ethan and Carrie Wofford, of Hanna, are parents to three foster children and were expecting their first child in December. Jayce Wayne Wofford didn’t wait until his due date though.

Carrie Wofford started having extremely high blood pressure on Oct. 3 and was told she would likely deliver by the end of the night. Carrie didn’t deliver that night but by Oct 5, it was apparent Jayce needed to be born. So the Denver Childrens’ Hospital staff tried to induce labor. Carrie would not dilate and due to the baby’s heartbeat dipping, an emergency C-section was performed. Jayce came into the world at 2 pounds and 15 ounces and was 15 3/8 inches.

Before a baby is born, the fetus’s blood does not need to go to the lungs to get oxygenated. The ductus arteriosus is a hole that allows the blood to skip the circulation to the lungs. When the baby is born, the blood must receive oxygen in the lungs and this hole is supposed to close. If the ductus arteriosus is still open (or patent) the blood may skip this necessary step of circulation. The open hole is called the patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).

Jayce has PDA, a heart murmur and kidney reflux and is still in the hospital. Carrie has weekly doctor appointments in Denver.

To help the family, there is a benefit from 4-8 p.m. on Dec. 16 at the Hanna Recreation Center . There will be a roast beef dinner and raffle. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Hanna Recreation Center.


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