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Lady Miners take losses, gain experience in learning season


The Hanna–Elk Mountain–Medicine Bow (HEM) girls' volleyball team had flashes of being really good against Saratoga's Lady Panthers, but came up on the losing side when it was all over.

In the first match, the Lady Miners played similarly to how they did the week before when facing the Lady Panthers at the Saratoga Invitational, where they lost the first set 25-14.

"The last time we played Saratoga in the tournament here last week, in all fairness they rolled us pretty good and that was the feeling on the first set, and so we talked between the sets and the second set, we played really good volleyball," said Jackie Jones, the head coach of HEM.

During the second set, the Lady Miners came out looking like a team inspired to win, taking the lead early. Leading by as many as three points, the crowd that favored HEM. shouted words of encouragement, but the Lady Panthers didn't get deterred by being down and got on top and refused to relinquish the lead, winning 25 to 20.

"We came out that third set and we had those balls where one server got a few points on us and we got rocked back on our heels, but you know, I really believe in due time with this group of young girls, we will continue to gel," Jones said.

HEM lost the last set 25 to 21.

The Lady Miners coach said she saw looks from her young players she had not seen before which impressed her. She is encouraged that the girls are constantly improving as they play more because she has so many young players. Jones believes as the team learns to communicate in a strong manner, the younger girls will get more confident in what their role is on the team.

"With only one senior on the court, there are some young players still trying to find their niche and when all six decide this is a talking woman's game, good things happen for us," Jones said. "I think that was a huge difference in some of the defensive plays we made."

She gave credit to Caycee Born, being the team's lone senior for stepping up to challenge of leading the younger girls.

"There are times we tell her to get in position because these girls are relying on you," Jones said.

There was praise given to Amy Campbell by her coach too.

"I think one of the keys to our playing was Amy Campbell in the front row. When she would go to the back row, our level at the net would go down a little," Jones observed. "For a freshman she really took control of the net and did a phenomenal job."

Jones is hopeful with the next game that the communication on court will continue to improve as will the team.

The next opponent is Guernsey to be played at HEM starting at noon on September 9.


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