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Valley thrifts celebrate National Thrift Store Day


Patty Hastings tells customers to try the treats for the celebration of National Thrift Store Day.

If you go to the National Calendar website and try to find the origins of National Thrift Store Day, the site will say they could not uncover why August 17 was picked as the day of celebration for thrift stores.

That doesn't take away from the fact thrift stores all over the country celebrated with sales on stock and edible treats for customers that came into their establishments.

Bridge Street Bargains started their celebration at noon Thursday and kept going until closing at 5 p.m. with their regular Thrifty Thursdays sale of 50 percent off all stock (with the exception of jewelry) and all types of cakes, cookies, lemonade and tea. There was also chips and homemade salsa for patrons to munch on while browsing.

The store was busy with customers shopping and eating. The all-volunteer staff were pleased with the response.

"I think it is great for the community and I am retired so it gives me something to do, working and meeting all the new people," Cindy Walton said. She is a volunteer and board member for the non-profit

Volunteer Betty Shelton said, "What I like best about the thrift store absolutely, is the people. I love people and I like to get to know them and talk to them and help them out."

She says it is wonderful place to volunteer and encourages anyone who has time to come down and help.

There is also a large selection of merchandise to be looked over at Bridge Street Bargains said board member and volunteer Lynda Healey.

"You can go ahead and find something whether you are going camping, to the prom, to a ball or just everyday wear. You can get it right here in Saratoga," Healey said. "Everything that is on hangers has been inspected and you aren't going to find clothes with stains on them."

Healey said the store supports many non-profits. In the past two years, since going under new management, Bridge Street Bargains has contributed $33,542 to community organizations and projects.

"This place has been fantastic for people just moving to town, they can always find something and have a friendly face who will point them in the direction they need to go and getting used to the town," said Nancy Jansa. "That is one of the most valuable things we offer."

Nancy Flohr, a volunteer at Sagebrush, welcomes visitors to the store.

"I think it is such a great opportunity in many ways," said Jo Waliser. "People can donate stuff and we can give back to the community and the kids. It is just such a good thing."

Saratoga's thrift store is not the only one in the Valley that gives back to the community. Encampment also has a store.

Nancy Flohr, a volunteer at Sagebrush Thrift Store in Encampment, said while it is not open as many hours as the store in Saratoga, it also gives its proceeds to the community.

"It started off in a trailer and the founder used to wash and iron everything before it was put out on the floor," Flohr said stressing the quality of clothes that come in to be sold. "We are out to give a very good deal for very good causes."

Sagebrush Thrift is open on Wednesday and Saturday 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Bridge Street Bargains is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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