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'That's WY' map higlights routes


Wyoming Roadtrip Stickers have been around for a couple years. The 17 stickers, representing various towns and counties the Wyoming Visitors Council deem of consequence to tourists, are available at different Wyoming visitor centers.

The new Wyoming map titled "That's WY" has four routes highlighted for travelers coming to the state to enjoy points of interest.

The "Salt to Stone" journey starts out at the border where the routes U.S. 89 and I-80 meet Wyoming and Utah borders. The course also includes where north U.S. 189 veers off I-80 heading toward Jackson going as far as Yellowstone National Park. This north-south journey is the shortest with four stickers to collect on the way.

The "Black to Yellow" passage starts or ends at Yellowstone National Park depending on the commencement of the trip and can take several courses contingent on sites visited along the way. The South Dakota border with Wyoming at I-90 is the beginning or end "Black to Yellow" route and has the traveler going on U.S. 14 or U.S. 16 for striking spectacles of North Wyoming. Six stickers can be retrieved on this excursion.

The "Park to Park" route is the path that takes I-25 from Colorado north to Yellowstone National Park. The drive takes you through the cities of Cheyenne and Casper, then U.S. 20/26 until the tourist can choose to go either U.S. 26/287 to Yellowstone National Park. This journey will let you gather seven stickers or take Wyoming Route 120 to U.S. 14 to Yellowstone National Park where the sticker haul grows to 12.

The "Rockies to Tetons" route is the expedition that has visitors come through Snowy Mountain Range to US 130 or US 30 by Medicine Bow. The Snowy Range way routes travelers through Riverside and Saratoga to collect scenic stickers. Stacy Crimmins, CEO of Saratoga's Chamber of Commerce, says she has tried to get the Wyoming Visitors Council to designate US 130 as an official part of the "Rockies to Tetons" route, but it has not happened yet. Instead, the passage is all I-80 until reaching Rawlins. Then a tourist can choose to take U.S. 287 all the way to Yellowstone National Park, getting 10 stickers, or continuing on I- 80 to Rock Springs until U.S. 191 and continuing north to US 189 that parallels the "Salt to Stone' route which nets 11 stickers.

No matter what route is taken by any visitor driving through Wyoming, the person is going to see magnificent countryside, museums and monuments.


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