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CCCOG talks liquor, elections


Wednesday in Medicine Bow, the Carbon County Council of Governments (CCCOG) met to discuss the new liquor laws and their bearing municipalities, and to elect new officers.

Michelle Serres, whose term of chair was ending, was replaced by Steve Nicholson. Morgan Irene, vice chair, was succeeded by Lindy Glode and Nicholson, who was Secretary/Treasurer, had his position taken over by DeBari Martinez.

The council discussed liquor law revisions and the effect they are going to have on Carbon County. County commissioners Leo Chapman and John Johnson told the council they are hoping to find consensus in Carbon County to have consistency with the revised liquor laws.

Senate File 45 will eliminate dispensing rooms for all liquor licenses except restaurant liquor licenses. There is concern by some municipalities about the effect it will have with minors being in proximity of a liquor dispensing area. Senate File 43 removed state mandated hours of operation. There was concern that hours be consistent in all communities since, if some places are open longer, there is the possiblity of people getting on the road to go to later opening venues. As of July 1, retailers can be open 24/7 unless restricted by the city, town or county.

“I know clerks around the state are sending emails asking if anyone has drafted an ordinance to please share them, because everybody is in the same boat, trying to figure it all out with enforcement and jurisdiction,” said Marla Brown, town clerk for Rawlins.

Morgan Irene, pointed out towns having to hire attorneys to interpret the laws would mean excess costs versus having one attorney for the county guide applying the revisions then having each town amend the ordinances as each see fit.

“I am of the opinion that we (Elk Mountain) are going to see how it all plays out and use the County’s version and then that can lead to the consistency desired by municipalities,” said Irene. “Then if there is something quirky with our town, we can address it.”

The Sheriff of Carbon County is going to have to enforce the ordinances in several towns, so consistency is useful for that reason.

The fifth and sixth penny tax was decided to be put on the agenda for next meeting. It was felt because this subject could require tremendous time to sort out, a special meeting was set up in Saratoga June 21. The regular schedule meeting will be July 19 in Riverside.


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