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Science Fair shows interesting results


The fourth, fifth and sixth grade students of Saratoga Elementary showed their science fair projects at the Platte Valley Community Center gym Thursday until around noon when the last science undertaking was judged.

Experiments discovered Yeti was the best cooler. Seeds were grown under different conditions, electrical currents were generated from different sources including a person-powered wheel. Sports balls were dissected to see what the insides were, Coke was discovered to be the biggest stainer of teeth over coffee or tea. Notebook paper burns the fastest compared to other paper materials.

Beethoven’s Für Elise caused the fastest heart rate of three tunes, which was a surprise to attendees.

Coke was not the only soda used in experiments. Dr. Pepper showed the lowest boiling point over apple juice and water. Mountain Dew cleans rust best and makes the best hand sanitizer.

Rotten meat was the favorite of dogs in an experiment on dog’s diet. There was also an experiment testing raccoons on their diet and one discovering crickets prefer darkness.

Balloons using CDs became small hovercraft, rainbow milk created using different liquids was not something a person would drink, but it looked great. Water proofing substances were tested, packing peanut shape was quantified, biogas was made using cabbage and blueberries, a volcano erupted, jumping distances were shown to increase with steps taken and differing candle burn rate was explored. These were some of the experiments to be encountered when walking through the exhibits of the science fair.

Gummy bear and Jolly Rancher experiments sweetly rounded out the Science Fair.


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