Neimark places first in triple jump at two meets


Hanna–Elk Mountain–Medicine Bow (HEM) High School’s Jarrett Neimark won first place for the triple jump with 40’3” at the Wheatland Invite on May 2 and the Thermopolis Bobcat invite on May 5 with 41’04.25”.

Conor McGraw also took a first in Wheatland for the Boy’s 110-meter hurdles with a time of 16.09. At Thermopolis, in the same race, he placed third with 16.12.

At Thermopolis Shane McGraw placed fifth with a time of 11.66, Neimark at 12.06, Brandon Scott at 12.08 and Tylor Goodro at 13.42.

The HEM girls’ team had two runners in the 100-meter dash in Thermopolis with Jessica Nelsen coming at 14.99 and Taylee Widdison at 15.36.

Conor McGraw came in fourth with a time of 23.54 in the 200-meter dash race at Wheatland and Neimark came in at 24.87. At Thermopolis Shane McGraw came in second with a time of 23.24, Conor McGraw came in fourth with 23.38 and Neimark timed at 24.24.

In Wheatland’s 400-meter race for boys, Alex Claice came in at 1:09.03. In Thermopolis, this race had Shane McGraw place second with 52.50 and Claice timed 1:08.75. The Lady Miners in Wheatland had Cheyenne Tomkins come in seventh in the 400-meter race with time of 1:08.97, Cloe Olsen timed 1:14.72 and Nelsen at 1:15.72.

The boy’s 800-meter race in Wheatland had Claice come in tenth at 2:40.56.

The girls’ team in Thermopolis had Widdison come in eighth with a time of 2:48.59, and Olsen in 10th with 2:52.75.

In the boy’s 300-meter hurdles at Wheatland, Conor McGraw placed fourth with 43.96 and seventh with 42.91 at Thermopolis.

In the boys’ triple jump in Wheatland, besides Neimark’s first place finish, teamate Shane McGraw came in second with 38’03.”

In the long jump in Wheatland boys’ team had Scott marked 15’10.5” and in Thermopolis Neimark came in fourth with 19’ and Scott hit 17’07”. The girls in Wheatland had Nelsen with 12’10”, Olsen hit 12’09.25” and Widdison with 12’04.5”. In Thermopolis ,Widdison marked 12’01”.

In the 4x800-meter the Lady Miners came in third at 9:03 in Wheatland.

The girl’s Shot Put in Wheatland had Tomkins come in eighth with 29’11”, Cheyenne Hunter at 29’05”, Mackenzie Finn marked 27’10”, Perri Freeman had 25’08” and Megan Hunter with 20’01.”

In Wheatland, the boys’ discus team had Conor McGraw come in sixth with 107’10”, Scott at 98’10”, Goodro with 94’08” Solaas hit 60’05” and Claice with 45’08”. In Thermopolis, Scott hit 110’07”, Conor McGraw came in at 108’01” and Solaas with 61’04”.

The girls’ team in Wheatland discus had Cheyenne Hunter came in ninth with 86’05”, Freeman with 57’02”, Megan Hunter at 49’09” and Finn with 49’06”. In Thermopolis, Cheyenne Hunter with 85’04”, Freeman hit 59’06”, Finn at 55’10” and Megan Hunter 53’04”.

The boys’ team overall scores in 17 events at Thermopolis had HEM come in sixth.

“We had great meets with many athletes posting personal records for the season. It was a strong showing going into the Regional meet this week in Gillette,” said Coach Jackie Jones.


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