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Deer population takes off at airport


The airport board met on Wednesday, March 8 at 1 p.m. at the town hall.

The airport board went over getting the airport safe from deer, the procedure for putting on an attached building to a hangar and received more suggestions concerning the lease and FAA minimum standards for fixed space operations.

In attendance from the board were Arlen Hughes, Lance Grubb, Richard Raymer, and Bobby Chitwood, who joined on speaker phone. As the meeting began, Hughes joked Chitwood looked better on speaker then he does in person.

During items from the public Andy Van Tol presented the board with suggested changes and inclusions for the hangar lease agreement. The board said they would present those to the attorney.

Dave Worthington presented the board with FAA minimum standards for hangars which will also be given to the attorney for him to review.

Suzie Cox said she would make sure board members not present would get a copy of the documents presented by Van Tol and Worthington.

A workshop date will be considered once the attorney gets back the board about lease agreements and minimum standards.

A member of the public asked the requirements to put a small building next to a hangar and was told to get a permit from the town. The board approved a motion to allow the questioner to start the process of getting the building permit.

Bob Maddox, airport manager, reported to the board, that because of weather, most recent work has been snowplowing to keep the runway clear. He also told the board a navigational beacon had broken down and was being repaired.

The discussion then turned to the airport deer problem. Hughes asked Maddox about the deer that were overrunning the airport.

Grubb said he had seen twenty at one time. Maddox pointed out he checked the landing strips every day to make sure they were clear. He also said he fixed a breach in the fence. Hughes had seen as many as twelve deer and the situation could turn into a serious problem.

“It only takes one time,” Hughes commented.

It was concluded that Wyoming Game and Fish should be contacted to find out the options the airport had concerning the safety problem posed by the deer. Maddox said he would call.

Hughes said the airport sign needed to be painted. Worthington volunteered to do the job and Grubb volunteered the paint.

The meeting concluded on the subject of getting the airport aesthetically ready for the warmer months once the weather allows.

The next scheduled meeting of the airport board will be 1 p.m., April 12, at Saratoga town hall .


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