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Honor Roll

The University of Wyoming lists seven students from Carbon County on the 2016 spring semester Provost’s Honor Roll.

The Provost’s Honor Roll consists of undergraduates who have completed at least six but fewer than 12 hours with a minimum 3.5 grade point average for the semester.

Students are:


Neil Quinn Carrico

Brendan Charles Gemelli

Seth Hetherington

Gregory Miller

Cody R.S. Steege


Kylie M. Grant

Janna McDonald

Dean’s Honor Roll

The University of Wyoming lists 30 students from Carbon County on the 2016 spring semester academic Dean’s and Dean’s Freshman Honor Rolls.

The honor rolls consist reguraly enrolled undergraduates above freshman standing who earned a 3.4 or better grade-point average, and freshman who have earned a 3.25 or better grade-point average.

To be eligible, students must have been enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours taken for letter grades.

Students are:


Courtney Kudera

Katelyn A. Olson

Elk Mountain

Kenna Johnson


Marguerite Diana Johnson


Ivey L. Barnes

Makayla Buszek

Jacob Chavez

Reegan M. Ford

Trey C. Jebens

Ophelia G. Jefferson

Jessiah S. Jones

Brandon J. Lopez

Paola G. Montano

Melissa D. Nichols

Kelsi D. Portz

Olivia Sage Roybal

Kerry R. Schinkel

Cynthia M. Sparr

Autumn G. Tarango

Krystle R. Walton


David B. Flauding


Veronica J. Lincoln

Ryan P. Malone

Autumn R. Olson

Aubree Lynn Wallace

Leland Wallace

Amber M. Young


Jacquelyn R. Cobb


Cullen Dale Serres

Logan Earl Taylor


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