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Riverside discusses Party Day, mosquitos, bond retirement Encampment talks hydrants, Lions utilities, Rendezvous


The Riverside and Encampment Town Councils met March 10 to discuss business in the towns.

In Riverside, the council sped though the agenda quickly. The council announced that the Riverside Party Day would be held on August 13, and that the High Plains Tradition Bluegrass Band would provide entertainment for the event.

The Riverside council agreed to find a local contractor to provide an estimate to remove some trees in the park that were of concern. The board also approved a motion to pay the Town of Encampment to fog for mosquitos at the rate of $150 per hour, with a half hour minimum charge. The town’s cost for mosquito abatement is estimated to be $10,200 for the year. The council has asked the state for $6,500, but it was unclear how much the state would pay.

The Riverside Council also voted to spend $425 to train one member of the Encampment-Riverside Volunteer Fire Department to train one member to better be able to handle washouts, such as the one at Brush Creek that killed three people in 2011. The Town of Encampment has also agreed to pay for this training for one member of the fire department.

Riverside council member Ed Golden said he would be attending a meeting in Rawlins on March 29 to discuss a one-cent specific purpose tax intended to retire three bonds worth $40 million.

The Encampment council had a longer night than their neighbors in Riverside, meeting for over an hour, with a portion of that being an executive session not open to the public.

In unfinished business, the council received an update on the hydrant valve project by Ken Schwerdt, of Engineering Associates, who said he put together the permits for the project. Schwerdt said the permits cover more than what was originally proposed since there were several issues that the town may want to fix. Schwerdt said he expected to hear back on the permits in about a month.

The council also voted to grant free utilities to the Encampment Lion’s Club.

The council received four bids from vendors for sewer cleaning equipment. The board voted to give the mayor authority to accept the lowest bid from a qualified bidder, pending determination that the equipment meets specifications.

Other business included a request to allow the installation of a mausoleum in the cemetery. The board agreed to permit the installation of the 7,000-pound mausoleum as long as it occupied at least three grave plots to prevent the structure becoming unstable.

The Sierra Madre Muzzleloaders asked for a $500 grant, installation of portable toilets and use of camping spots for its Rendezvous, scheduled for July 22-24. This is the third year the event will be held, and it is the largest event of its type in the state, according to Sierra Madre Muzzleloaders.

The next Riverside town council meeting will be held at 6 p.m., April 14 at the Riverside Town Hall. Encampment’s next meeting will also be held at 7 p.m. on April 14 at Encampment Town Hall.


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