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Getting to know the Wyoming toad


Sarah Hutchins

A male Wyoming toad is held to be measured from its head to its bottom for the survey. The dark marking underneath the mouth of the toad shows that it is male. Females do not have this dark marking.

The Wyoming toad has been extinct in the wild since 1984; however, this does not stop many from doing what they can to reintroduce the species into the environment.

Last week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) ran a population survey for the Wyoming toad. According to Lizzy Mack, Wyoming Toad Biologist and Project Manager for U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the toads are being reintroduced in only three different locations in the entire world. "That's it. These three places are the only place they exist in the world," stated Mack, "It's pretty much the most endangered amphibian in North A...

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