Counterfeit bill turns up at local business


H. B. Lawson

The counterfeit $10 bill was detected at The Rawlins National Bank.

Tim Lamprecht, owner of the Valley Foods, was notified by The Rawlins National Bank on Monday morning that he had received a counterfeit $10 bill. "It is the first one I've seen in 15 years," Lamprecht said.

Lamprecht stopped by the Saratoga Sun on his way to speak with the police department before he returned the fake bill to the bank so that it can be sent to the Federal Reserve. Lamprecht was eager to get the word out about the fraudulent money - "I'm sure I won't be only one in the Valley that's going to take one."

Dan Runner, Saratoga branch manager from The Rawlins National Bank, confirmed they had received a counterfeit bill from a customer, but that it was the only instance of one they have seen for "quite awhile", Runner said. "While our tellers can usually spot fake bills by touch, having a counterfeit detection pen and educating your employees are the first and second lines of defense against someone trying to pass off a fake bill."

Sgt. Ken Lehr, of the Saratoga Police Department, confirmed Lamprecht had reported the fake $10 note to them and had returned it to the bank to be sent to the Federal Reserve.


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