By Liz Wood 

Panthers bow to Rattlers despite hot second half


Liz Wood

Panther Rodrigo Escobedo rejects Snake River's attempt at the bucket at Friday night's game. The Panthers fell to the Rattlers 38-54.

The Saratoga Panthers (2-6) lost to Little Snake River Valley (LSRV) Rattlers (1-0, 7-4) 54-38 Friday night at their home gym.

The first quarter was low scoring with the Panthers only gaining 7 points to the Rattlers 12. Darian Williams scored a 3-pointer from the corner in the last 22 seconds of the quarter.

The only 3 points the Panther would score in the second quarter were at the free throw line. Despite several attempts, the Panthers couldn't make the shots count and the half ended with a score of 10-31.

Jace Berger scored the first bucket in the paint, but LSRV had already scored 6 unanswered points in the first minute of the third quarter. Berger was fouled and scored at the free throw line.

Cameron Lehr scored the third point of the third quarter with a free throw. The Panthers were down by 30 mid-way into the third quarter.

The game started to turn in the Panthers favor, but they were still down by 26 after making three quick buckets, .

The Panthers continued their hot streak well into the fourth quarter and scored 18 points to the Rattlers 3. The Rattlers stopped the Panthers cold after their 18-point streak. The game ended with the Rattlers defeating the Panthers 54-38.


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