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Former editor enjoys column


Letter to editor:

Mike of‚“DUNN in the SUN”:

Great column defending and supporting teachers.

As usual I have to add my two cents worth which relates to your situation.

Years ago, back when I was a newspaper reporter, I was covering the local school board meeting and giving a member of the board a bad time.

After reciting the statement, “Those who can’t do, teach,” I added, “and those who can’t teach become administrators, and those who strike out as superintendents get elected to the school board.”

The former ranch hand, school teacher and superintendent who had just been elected to the school board, smiled and quipped, “and those who can’t do any of those things become newspaper reporters.”

Humbly yours,

Dick Perue,

Former Saratoga Sun school board reporter, editor, publisher, printer and janitor.


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