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Writing a letter to the editor is a lot like posting on Facebook, once you hit the submit button it’s there for everybody to see. I have no plans to stop doing both of these.

At the December 17th meeting it was questioned why comments made by the public under public comment were not being added to the minutes. Wyoming Statue 15-1-110 states:

The governing body is required to designate a “legal newspaper” and to publish once, the minutes of all regular meetings, special meetings, workshops where council action is taken, and title of all ordinances passed. It also states, minutes should include the entitlement of each ordinance, resolution, etc. introduced, considered or acted upon by the governing body at the meeting.

The 2007 Clerk Treasurer’s Handbook which was updated through the 2009 Legislative Session states “The clerk should record what actually happens at a meeting, not necessarily everything that was said.” So in the attempt to keep our publishing costs down we do not include comments from the public unless it is something that the council takes action on.

I have also had people comment about meetings being interrupted and those running the meeting allowing the disruptions to continue.

Wyoming Statue 16-4-406 states; If a public meeting is willfully disrupted by a person or group of persons as to render the orderly conduct of the meeting unfeasible, the governing body may order the person or group from the meeting room, or may recess and reconvene at another location, the governing body shall establish procedures for readmitting the individuals not responsible for the disruption.


John Zeiger


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