Mayor looking forward to team approach with WAM and WCCA



I spent last Tuesday evening and Wednesday with the Wyoming Association of Municipalities board interviewing 5 potential candidates for the position of Executive Coordinator of WAM. The WAM board was divided into four separate panels and each candidate had to go before each panel.

Part of the interview process was they had to present to the WAM board issues surrounding HB 0085 which dealt with the buffer zones surrounding towns. They all five basically identified the main problem was lack of communications between the municipalities and the counties. House Bill 85 was introduced without any warning to municipalities therefore there was no input from municipalities.

The other main area that all of the candidates mentioned were the use of social media and the importance of introducing it into our ways of communicating to the public.

It was a great learning experience for me to participate in this type of hiring process. Sitting on a panel of mayors and councilman was a great experience as well as a chance to talk about and share ideas.

I’m excited to say that I see some great things ahead. With the Wyoming County Commissioners Association just hiring a new director this past couple months and WAM getting ready to hire a new director, what a perfect time for both agencies to start a team approach to getting things done in the Legislature. They can help each other to educate the Legislature prior to session on what is important to us. In doing this there is no doubt that there will have to be some give and take on both sides.

It is also important that WAM move forward and educate the public as to what they do for the municipalities. We also need to commit to work with our county and state government and move forward and not look back.

George Parks the present Director has done a great job for WAM and I wish him the best in his retirement.

Mayor John Zeiger



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