CCSD 2 starts open forum


A screen capture of the new online forum Carbon County School District No. 2 added. The new online forum can be found by visiting and then clicking on "Discussion Forums". Participating is free and only requires registration.

Carbon County School District No. 2 (CCSD 2) implemented a new online forum, which can be found on its website.

The new forum allows community members, teachers, administrators and others interested in CCSD 2 to provide feedback on a list of topics.

"We have to have some kind of avenue where we can put out an idea and collect input on that idea," said Superintendent Bob Gates.

The open forum currently has five topics: activities, student attendance, food services, gifted and talented education, heath insurance bids and Common Core.

Gates announced the new forum in October's CCSD 1 Board of Trustees meeting. Gates said the new forum will help the district receive new ideas from the community and provides transparency.

"I wanted to have a forum where the district and schools could have a way to say 'Hey, these are issues we are looking at,' and get feedback on those issues," Gates said.

Librarian and media specialist for Encampment School Rick Martin found the third-party website powered by Nabble.

Martin said the forum received about 300 views so far, and five comments.

Martin said a Facebook page could provide an open forum with similar functions, but most schools in CCSD 2 have a block on Facebook, deterring students and staff members from participating. The forum is free to everyone, but requires registration.


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