Package upgrade at Encampment USPS


Encampment resident Robert Kelly is getting more mail since U.S. Postal Service representatives visited Encampment in September.

Before their visit, Kelly estimated Encampment Postmaster Wendell O’Connell returned about 50 percent of his mail to a distribution center in Cheyenne.

USPS has made vast improvements to service in Encampment, Kelly said. But, overall, he is not satisfied.

“For me, it’s too little too late,” Kelly said.

Kelly and many other Encampment and Riverside residents protested O’Connell’s employment at the Encampment Post Office through letters and attending meetings.

Most attendees of the meetings showed dislike for O’Connell’s attitude specifically.

David Rupert, USPS Communication Programs Specialist, said USPS listened to every complaint, and made improvements accordingly. USPS also placed a notice in the post office, letting residents know where further complaints could be sent.

“All of us at the postal service, including Postmaster O’Connell, are all doing our best to reach out to the community and improve service and perception,” Rupert said.

O’Connell signed and sent a letter of apology dated Oct. 4 to Encampment residents, stating that he will provide better customer service to all customers. The letter also stated what USPS is doing to improve service and his own skill.

Rupert said USPS sent another Carbon County postmaster to train and help O’Connell. USPS also hired a new post office clerk for the Encampment Post Office, Rupert said. Rupert would not disclose the identity of the new employee, but said he or she will begin work Nov. 16.

The responsibilities of the new employee will be to carry out general operations at the post office, such as selling stamps, Rupert said.

USPS also replaced the doors to some post office boxes, and is in the process of installing parcel lockers, which will make parcels available to customers, even after the post office is closed.

Rupert also said more customers are getting their mail, and less mail is being delivered to the wrong person.

“The mis-delivered mail has been cut by 75 percent,” Rupert said.

Riverside resident and town clerk Jan Cook said she noticed improvement with the service as well, but questions if the quality of service will remain after the postmaster helping O’Connell leaves.

“I think the service is better, but I am not sure if it is because of Wendell, or if it is because of the people helping Wendell,” Cook said. “I don’t know what is going to happen once the postmaster (helping O’Connell) leaves.”


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