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Letter to the Editor: Dictating the terms of battle



At a recent talk on communication, presenter Dick Brooks asked us to write down what “Quality of Life” meant to us. Some of the responses that were given were, open spaces, safety for our family, a clean, abundant watershed, and few people.

He talked about Strategic Communication and how to set goals and achieve those goals with proper communication. What do we want to happen? Who can make it happen? What do they need to hear, to do what we want? What do they need to hear and who do they need to hear it from?

He encouraged us to look at all options that are on the table when dealing with upcoming projects that could have an everlasting effect on our quality of life. He recommended that we work with someone that can play the devil’s advocate when we are in our decision making process.

With several projects on the table in Carbon County it is important that no matter if you are for or against them you need to ask questions about the affect they are going to have on what we consider our “Quality of Life”:

How is this going to impact us?

What are the Positives vs. Negatives?

Is the growth going to benefit or hurt the community?

It was well worth my time listening to what he had to say. Regardless if we are for or against the proposed projects we need to take the time to ask the questions and be sure that they have been answered. As Dick Brooks stated, “We need to dictate the terms of battle” when it may affect our quality of life.


John Zeiger



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