Panthers skunk Normative Services


The Saratoga Panthers scored their third wide-leading victory of 2013 Friday evening, wiping out the Normative Services Wolves with a whopping 55-0.

The win was another great season addition for Panthers, who have beat Little Snake River 58-12 and Wyoming Indian 66-22, and didn’t let the Wolves manage one touchdown Friday evening. Saratoga is now 1-1 for conference games and 3-1 for non-conference games.

Volunteer Coach Luke Spiering said he was pleased to see his boys manage such a wide win, especially during adverse weather conditions.

“It was raining the whole game, with about an inch of water on the field and our kids completely soaked, but we just didn’t have any mistakes,” he said. “We didn’t turn the ball over or get any fumbles, and we had good defense, good blocking, completed passes and an overall good solid game. We kept the ball and did what we had to do to win, and we gave them no chance to come back and get back into the game. Both Kyle Bartlett and Tate Stinson ran the ball well, and overall all our kids did well, even with the weather.”

Spiering also commended the Wolves for putting up a tough fight the entire time.

“Normative Services is a unique school, just because they’re never sure which kids will be there, but they have a competitive team,” he said. “They had some turnovers during the game, but they had good athletes who never gave up and were hitting hard near the end.”

The Panthers look to work the same magic against Kaycee’s Buckaroos during Friday’s 6 p.m. Homecoming game.

Saratoga vs. Normative Services- 9/27/13

55-0, Saratoga win

Rushing (yards)

Tate Stinson: 118

Kyle Bartlett: 175

Morgan Rempel: 5

Receiving (yards)

Rodrigo Escobedo: 5

Passing (yards)

Thatcher Spiering: 5



Tate Stinson: 1

Thatcher Spiering: 1

Cameron Lehr: 5

Kyle Bartlett: 1

Alex Ziegler: 1

Rodrigo Escobedo: 3

Tackling Assists

Tate Stinson: 4

Thatcher Spiering: 5

Cameron Lehr: 6

Kyle Barlett: 3

Matthew Lincoln: 2

Alex Ziegler: 2

Morgan Rempel: 2

Rodrigo Escobedo: 7

Special Teams

Punt Returns

Tate Stinson: 3

Punts (yards)

Alex Zeigler: 81

Kickoffs (yards)

Rodrigo Escobedo: 340



Tate Stinson: 3

Cameron Lehr: 1

Kyle Bartlett: 4

PAT Kicks

Rodrigo Escobedo: 2/4

Conversion Points

Kyle Bartlett: 2

Rodrigo Escobedo: 1


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