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I would like to take this opportunity to address concerns raised in a recent article about the state of local mail delivery in Encampment, WY. I apologize to any customer who has been unhappy with our service or communications and want to assure them these issues have our immediate attention.

However, I object to State Rep. Jerry Paxton’s call for the removal of the Postmaster. The Postmaster has the full support of the U.S. Postal Service and as an organization, we have a fair due process and we can’t and won’t make personnel decisions based on politics or popularity.

As an organization that prides itself on its sense of service to the public, you have my promise that we are looking into all the processes and procedures at the local Post Office. We have already identified operational deficiencies that, once corrected, will help improve your service. We understand and appreciate that rural America regards local Post Offices as centers of their communities and our commitment to that ideal will not wane.

You can help us get your mail to you by making sure you use the correct address. If you rent a box from the Encampment Post Office, please use that number on your mail.  If a sender needs a street address, have them also include the PO Box number  in their correspondence. This will help us get your mail delivered properly and efficiently.

Rest assured, we will continue to evaluate, measure and most importantly listen to make certain we provide the type of customer service each and every one of our customers expects and deserves.

Selwyn Epperson

District Manager

United States Postal Service

Colorado Wyoming


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