Saying goodbye to Jeannette


At Deseret Health and Rehab, residents enjoyed many activities throughout the week. The Activity Department offers a wide variety of activities each week to meet the residents’ interests, as well as the physical, mental and psychological well-being of each resident.

Reverend Young offered a memorial service on Tuesday afternoon for long-time resident, Jeanette Baker. It was attended by family members, residents, visitors, and staff. Reverend Young emphasized how Jeanette was so much a part of this facility, and she will be missed by all. Her concern for all residents and staff, as well as her welcoming smile, made us all feel like a family.

Games throughout the week provided fun and laughter. On Sunday afternoon, four residents played Uno with Charlotte Gibbons winning. On Monday afternoon, four residents played Crazy Eights. On Wednesday afternoon, eight residents played Bingo, and on Friday afternoon, nine residents played Bingo. Truth Karstoft, Dora Martin, Kenny Hoagland, and Charlotte Gibbons won Four Corners. Carol Higby, Kenny Hoagland, and Frank Jereb won Blackouts. Our Bingo helpers were Gloria Rakness, Betty Dean, Betty Eaton, and Lila Worden. On Saturday afternoon, residents played Blackjack.

For Lunch Out at the Saratoga Senior Center, four residents had potato and ham omelets on Friday.

Residents watched the commercial-free Turner Classic Movie channel evenings during the week. On Sunday morning, residents watched the VCR movie, “Tall in the Saddle”. On Saturday morning, residents watched the VCR movie, “Harvey”.

On Sunday afternoon, Reverend Young of the Saratoga Presbyterian Church led church for residents. She offered communion and played traditional religious music on the keyboard.

On Monday, Thursday, and Friday mornings, residents continued reading Robin Cook’s “Acceptable Risk”.

On Monday, Labor Day, residents enjoyed hot dogs, cole slaw, french fries, and watermelon at lunch. Before supper, 22 residents had a happy hour with a choice of a beer, a wine cooler, or Pepsi.

On Wednesday morning, Janice Kerpan gave beautiful hairdos to five ladies in Hair Care, and Brenda Zeiger did nails for them.

On Thursday afternoon, four residents did a project in Arts and Crafts.

On Saturday afternoon, residents enjoyed ice cream sandwiches.

We wish to thank Lila Worden for the kind financial donation to Bingo.

The Activity program relies on volunteers to enhance residents’ lives. If interested, please call 326-8212 and ask for the Activity Director, Tom Mansfield.


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