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The Zac Attack: Lighting bulbs


I didn’t have what you would call a quality high school education.

It’s not easy talk about, but it is a discussion worth having. I left high school unexcited about my own future, and the only motivation to go to college was my mother’s concern and the Hathaway Scholarship, money I am truly grateful for receiving.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college I began to get excited about writing, all because one professor taught me what I should have learned in high school – that writing is exciting and important. I had what most teachers would describe as the “light bulb” moment. The realization I experienced is hard to describe, but it helped me improve my writing.

That moment when students become excited about learning is more important than any lesson or curriculum. Without that excitement to learn, those lessons will go in one ear and out the other.

The Saratoga Sun wants to help facilitate that excitement.

Throughout the summer, Encampment School teacher Leslie McLinskey and I have been organizing times where I would go in and talk to her English students about column writing. These students will produce opinion pieces to be published in the Saratoga Sun throughout the school year.

The goal is to show students how writing can be a potential career choice, and perhaps, get them excited about writing.

In almost any career choice, strong writing skills are valued. It is my hope this project will strengthen students’ writing.

If you are a teacher in the district that would like to also be involved in the project, feel free to contact me at the Saratoga Sun office and I would be happy to come and talk to your students about column writing.


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