Reflections: Shively Field approved 50 years ago


100 years ago

July 3, 1913

Hen hovers kittens

We don’t believe in Nature-fakers and the ones who naturally pulls off the “ruph stuph” should be run over the edge of the earth whenever that edge may be found. But here is a new one and as it comes from good source, we are going to give it space and take chances on being called a nature-faker.

A lady out in the country said she has a hen that has taken up with a bunch of kittens. The lady was, we believe, trying to “break her up.” Also the lady has a cat with some little kittens

The said cat moved her kittens over near where the hen was, that wanted to set.

The hen, disappointed at not having any chickens and no eggs to sit on, confiscated the kittens and the old cat away.

At present writing, it is reported to us that the said hen is still hovering the kittens and that she is keeping the old cat at bay, and the kittens seem very well contented.

75 years ago

Aug. 18, 1938

Horse owners hope for an early frost to abate epidemic

The most dependable method for putting an end to the sleeping sickness epidemic among horses and mules in the western states, say the most prominent veterinarians, is to have a good frost. Thus the higher altitudes will sooner be free of spread of the disease than will the area lower down, where frost comes late. The disease is spread by flies and other insects, they say, and when frost destroys the insects there will be no further spread of the disease.

Montana papers report a considerable epidemic of the disease in that state, and veterinarians are making every effort to discover the best means of treatment, but say there is little that can be done for a horse or a mule that has contracted the disease. It is there experience that after the disease develops, medicines are of no values. Giving them any medicine through the mouth is extremely dangerous, they say, as the throat is invariably partially paralyzed and the medicine is more likely to go into the lungs and cause strangulation. …

50 years ago

Aug. 23, 1962

Airport construction slated to start next week

A resolution authorizing the acceptance of a grant agreement from the federal relating to the development of the Shively air field here was passed by the Town Council at a special meeting held Wednesday night. Officials and representatives present for the formalities include Richard LeDick assistant manager, and Chas. Atkins, construction engineer, both from the Woodward Constriction Co., who was granted the contract; and Kenneth Moore, from the district airport engineering office of the FFA.

A total of $71,096, 0r 57.6 percent, of allowable costs will be received from the federal grant, according to reports. Construction will include an asphalt runway approximately 75x5800 feet, a connecting taxiway about 40x2450 feet and a parking apron to be approximately 125x280 feet. Also included in construction specifications is a perimeter fence enclosing the field. …

25 years ago

Aug. 24, 1988

Former clerk pleads guilty to aiding in theft of 7-11

Latonna Lund, a Saratoga woman charged with being an accessory to a theft of 7-11 pled guilty to the charges last week in district court. Later in the week, James Wilburn Jr., the man charged with robbing the local convenience store, pleaded not guilty on two felony counts.

According to the complaint, Lund was working as a clerk at the store and reported a robbery during the early morning hours of July 4, 1988. Lund told police Wilburn had told her to shut off the electronic surveillance equipment before he took $1,100 from the store.

Ron Millisits, the police officer who responded to the call, became suspicious of Lund because of no one fitting the description she had given of the robber was on the tape. In searching Lund’s vehicle, Millisits found $400, a portion of the $1,100 taken from the store. …


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