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Residents enjoy a cold one on July 4


At Deseret Health and Rehab, residents enjoyed many activities throughout the week. The Activity Department offers a wide variety of activities each week to meet the residents’ interests, as well as the physical, mental and psychological well-being of each resident.

Residents did a variety of activities to celebrate Independence Day. Six residents went downtown to watch the July 4 parade with Brenda Zeiger and Dave Doorn. All of our residents enjoyed a happy hour before supper with beer, wine coolers, or coca-cola. They all sang that Kate Smith classic, God Bless America. In the evening, several residents watched the fireworks.

Games throughout the week provided fun and laughter. On Sunday afternoon, four residents played Uno with Frank Jereb winning. On Monday afternoon, residents played Wii Bowling. On Wednesday afternoon, nine residents played Bingo, and on Friday afternoon, nine residents played Bingo. Kenny Hoagland and Sunny Behonek won Four Corners. Barbara Hooker, Frank Jereb, and Sunny Behonek won Blackouts. Our Bingo helpers were Gloria Rakness, Connie Hood, John Zeiger, Connie Hood, and Betty Dean. On Saturday afternoon, residents played Blackjack.

Residents enjoyed watching movies during the week. Every evening several residents watched Turner Classic Movies. On Tuesday afternoon, four residents watched the DVD movie, “The Color Purple”.

On Sunday afternoon, Ken Kreusel of the Encampment Presbyterian Church led church for six residents. His wife, Becky, assisted on the keyboard with traditional religious music.

On Monday morning, Brenda Zeiger finished reading Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple” to three residents. On Friday morning, five residents began listening to a new book by Nora Roberts, Chesapeake Blue.

On Monday for Lunch Out at the Saratoga Senior Center, three residents had beef and macaroni casserole.

On Tuesday morning, Pastor Gene Smith of the Platte Valley Christian Center offered Bible Study to six residents.

On Wednesday morning, Janice Kerpan gave five ladies beautiful hairdos.

On Saturday afternoon, residents enjoyed ice cream sandwiches.

We wish to thank Betty Dean for prizes and candy for Bingo. Also, we wish to thank MaryAnn Morrison for the smoked turkey that residents enjoyed at the Thursday noon meal. Thanks also go to Beth Carter for the donation of canes for residents.

The activity program relies on volunteers to enhance residents’ lives. If interested, please call 326-8212 and ask for the Activity Director, Tom Mansfield.


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