Week of June 13, 2024

Nice Day For A Landing

Photo by Richard Espinoza The Platte Valley was recently treated to an impromptu air show as United States Army helicopters, including two Chinooks, landed at Shively Air Field on June 6. The aircraft had been taking part in a military exercise and landed in Saratoga to... Full story

  • Fling it!

    Joshua Wood

    It was a great day for disc golf in the Platte Valley on June 8. Going into its 8th year, the Tale of Two Cities Disc Golf Tournament hosted by Mother Mountain Anglers appeared to be a success with four men’s teams and a women’s team. The day began with the women’s team teeing off at Grand View Park in Encampment at 9 a.m. and, an hour later, the men’s teams teed off at Grand View Park, Rick Martin Memorial Park in Riverside and the Stage Stop Links just east of Riverside. The day...

  • Three Tigers Shoot-out In Nebraska

    Richard Espinoza

    Encampment graduates Quade Jordan, Ryon Miller, and Kaben Pickett have officially closed the chapter on their time as teammates. The three former Tigers represented Encampment as they played for the Wyoming All-Stars in the Wyoming-Nebraska Six-Man Shootout. The All-Star game took place on May 31 in Chadron, Nebraska. The Wyoming All-Stars lost to the Nebraska All-Stars 48-14. The Encampment alumni wanted the game to go differently, but they gave their all and then some. All three Encampment...

  • Bring on the Smoke Show

    Richard Espinoza

    Those looking for a little smoke and fire with great quality in the Valley can now find it right in Saratoga. The Malt recently added barbecue to its menu, including the Smoke Show Plate. Before buying the Smoke Show there are some things to know. It's a big plate with a lot of food that can be shared with two people. The plate has pulled pork, brisket, ribs, a hot link, and barbecue smoked chicken. It also comes with house-made biscuits and house-made pickles. Customers can also pick two side...

  • A premium deal

    Richard Espinoza

    The Country Store in Saratoga is now providing premium diesel, a recent move made by owners Megan Martin and her fiance, Jay Buszkiewic. The addition of diesel, said the owners, is due to demand from their customers since taking over two years ago. Martin said investing in premium diesel helps them compete in business and brings revenue to the Platte Valley community. She said premium diesel is beneficial for local businesses. “We wanted to prioritize our goal of obtaining premium diesel,... Full story

  • I cherished my visit to grandson Leroy

    David Peck, Wyoming Editorial Roundup

    It melted my heart every time my little towheaded grandson Leroy came running toward me saying, “Papa!” followed by “Up!” I would scoop him up into my arms as he smiled broadly. It had been six months since I saw the little guy at Thanksgiving, and my visit to daughter Danielle and her family in Ohio over the weekend was special and very much needed. There are few things more wonderful than a 2-year-old grandchild. (Well, Leroy is almost 2, about 21 months old now.) Yes, toddlers can be cranky, finicky with their food and mercurial...

  • Youth Lead By Example

    Saratoga Sun Editorial

    Something amazing happened at the June 4 meeting of the Saratoga Town Council, something that gives us at the Saratoga Sun hope for the upcoming generations. Jaxon Owen, age 12, and Archer Burau, age 10, stood before the governing body to not only identify a problem, but provide a solution. While it came with some help from their parents, the fact that these young residents stood in front of the town council is impressive. In this day and age, there are adults who would rather make complaints on social media or at local coffee groups rather...

  • Make a path

    Kaitlyn Campbell

    Children took the future into their own hands at the June 4 meeting of the Saratoga Town Council as they discussed plans to renovate the bike park behind the Saratoga Public Library. Jaxon Owen, age 12, and Archer Burau, age 10, went before the council with a petition for a new bike track. “I’ve been a Saratoga resident for my whole life. I enjoy living here. I also enjoy riding my bike,” Owen said. “I would enjoy a nice bike park here.” Owen outlined various safety issues around the...

  • Drive it like you stole it

    Richard Espinoza

    It’s not often the Wyoming Highway Patrol pulls over a pair of Lamborghinis, but that’s exactly what happened recently in Carbon County. On May 26, Rawlins-area troopers received a report of two rental vehicles which were likely stolen heading towards Carbon County on Interstate 80. “The rental company reported two males rented Lamborghinis in the Salt Lake City area,” said Trooper Ryan Gerdes. “The drivers then left Utah in violation of the contract, exceeded the allowable miles,...

  • St. Barnabas' Church to Celebrate 135th Anniversary

    Rev. Dr. Peggy Hotchkiss, Priest in Charge

    St. Barnabas’ Episcopal Church, the oldest church in the Upper North Platte River Valley, will celebrate its 135th anniversary on June 23rd. The first service in the newly built sanctuary was held on January 10, 1889. Since January is not an optimal time for celebrations in Wyoming, church members chose to celebrate the anniversary closer to June 11th, the Feast of St. Barnabas, for whom the church is named. The day will begin with a celebration of Holy Communion from the 1892 Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. The service will be followed by...

  • Living on Purpose: Cherished memories about my father

    William F. Holland Jr.

    May God bless each and every father as we wish you a Happy Father’s Day. Fatherhood is a theme within scripture, and we know that God is the best Father who loves His Son Jesus Christ, and all of His children so much that He provided a way for them to spend an eternity with Him. My dad passed away in 2016. I miss my father, I admired him and always will. There are lots of stories about Father’s Day and recently I was curious about how the special day began. According to one historian, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the idea of...

  • Summertime, and the livin' is easy

    Rev. Peggy Hotchkiss

    “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” If you are familiar with the song “Summertime” from George and Ira Gershwin’s opera Porgy and Bess, you probably just sang those words in your head. Now that school is out for the summer, we have almost three months in which to enjoy the beautiful North Platte Valley summer, when the pace of life is less busy than it is during the school year and the weather is more conducive to relaxing pursuits. Summer is the perfect time to slow down, to enjoy the wonders of God’s creation, and to rest....

  • Please, be more melodramatic!

    Owen Acord, Special to the Sun

    The annual Woodchoppers Jamboree Melodrama, put on by The Grand Encampment Opera Company, has been a long standing tradition with the first shows in the 1980’s. Of course the art of theater has been practiced in Encampment long before this. The opera house was originally just a meeting hall. Thanks to Encampment thespians, a fundraiser play was held in 1902 which gathered enough funds to add on the stage and storage rooms to the building making it a more complete facility. In 1903, with the...

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