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Update and clarify

Title 18, the municipal code that dictates zoning, is a bit of a mess. Much of it hasn’t been updated since it was adopted nearly 40 years ago. Along with the outdated language and standards, one also has to deal with definitions that vary from...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    February 21, 2018 

Talking 'bout my generation

“You know what’s wrong with your generation?” If I had a penny for every time I had someone pose this rhetorical question to me, I would finally be able to afford a house of my own. I was born in 1986, which puts me on the older end of the...


A date with Turtles

I love Valentine’s Day. I always have. I can remember as a wee tyke, Valentine’s Day was exciting because of how many little Valentine’s cards and candies I would get. Valentine’s Day was great for another reason. Every since I can remember,...


Windoor sports: Table and board edition

In a small western town (or just small towns in general probably), the bulk of general socialization goes on in establishments that serve alcohol. In the summer our towns boast activities and events a...


You helped

You may notice the Saratoga Sun recently won a few awards for last year’s work. As a matter of fact, we picked up 20 Pacemaker awards which garnered us the Sweepstakes Trophy for most Pacemakers earned. We could not have done this without you....


Changing diapers, habits

A small human is standing at the side of my bed calling me names. “Daddy. Daddy ... Daddy!” My eyelids, still heavy with sleep, struggle to open. “What is it?” I ask. “I pooped,” he says. The odor that assaults my nose confirms his confes...


The people who are still with me

For this column, I am introducing another of my sayings I find myself telling people all the time: “It is a historical fact, nobody has beaten death.” Whether the words are original from my mind or not, the meaning of it is pretty accurate....


Sports go green too

I have been told by semi-reliable sources (yes, you Carrie) that green is neutral for our school district. I will explain further because that statement is probably a bit confusing. The Encampment Tig...


At the trailhead

“No matter what you do, someone always knew you would.” ~ Ami McKay The first column of the new reporter for the Saratoga Sun has often been one in which they introduce themselves to readers, but what happens when the new reporter is a familiar... Full story


Marriage for the long haul

My folks just celebrated 53 years of marriage in the beginning of December. Wow. Over 50 years with one person. Staggering. I am proud of them for being able to take the words, “For better or worse,” to the heart. Marriage isn’t easy from my ex... Full story


The week between Christmas

Amid the week after Christmas, piles of wrapping in bags, shiny paper and boxes in trash with the tags. Sad little scissors sit broken and bent, from clamshell packaging--they don’t make a dent. The lights are still sparkly, still light up the... Full story


All lathered up and on my soap box

The holiday Season is upon us and soon a large portion of us will be traveling. That means driving, airplanes, busses and the like. It also means hotels. Mini Bars (not the kind you are thinking of) Hotels are usually a checkpoint in your vacation.... Full story


Learning other holidays, relearning ours

The holiday season has started. This past Thanksgiving, I realized I was enjoying this holiday again. It has taken me four years, which is about the same time I stopped living overseas. Thanksgiving was probably the toughest holiday to celebrate for... Full story


Enter (and exit) the Sandman

There is a guy out there who, according to western legend, puts people to sleep by sprinkling magical sand onto people’s eyes. That guy is the Sandman. He even has a famous song: “Mr. Sandman.” Yeah, well, the Sandman needs to hire some... Full story


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