Saratoga Lions Club Junior Golf Tournament Results

*Editor’s Note: The Saratoga Sun is running the tournament results again as we printed inaccurate results in our June 20 edition. We apologize for the error and congratulate ALL the winners on their success!*

Ages 5-7


1st - Elijah Harris

2nd - Booth Parsons

3rd - Decker Drake


1st - Finnley Werth

2nd - Maddie Wright

3rd - Dylan Merrill

Ages 8-9


1st - Liam Johnson

2nd - Bryce Anderson

3rd - Jeremiah Johnson


1st - Raya Stockwell

2nd - Gracie Penner

3rd - Myranda Lehr & Isla Christen

Ages 10-11


1st - Lucas Stewart

2nd - Coltan Ledgerwood

3rd - Jamis McLinskey & Keny...


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