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Despite small turnout, ATV provides great entertainment

Loud cheers from an excited crowd mixed with the flying dust and dirt at the Whistle Pig Saloon on June 8 as they held the 2nd Annual Snowy Range ATV/UTV Pulls.

There were no winners or losers, as it was all about fun and helping the veterans. Spectators watched from up the hill to witness all the action. It was a win-win for a great cause. Event organizer Dan Jones said the turnout was a lot of fun even though there were only a few competitors in the event. He said it was great people still came out and watched.

“I feel great about the event,” Jones said. “We had spectators come to watch and it was all about helping the veterans. It's no money in our pocket we just want to help our veterans plan their trip to Washington D.C”

Jones also said the last three events have been slow He said people may be afraid of tearing up vehicles.

“In the last three events, we did not have enough people,” Jones said. “Why people do not want to come up I do not know. People said they were afraid of tearing up their vehicles. Well, today not one of the vehicles has been torn up. “

Even though things didn't go as planned, Jones said he had a good time. Teagen Burn, one of the youth competitors, said this is his first-ever ATV/UTV pull event. He said he had fun and would like to do it again next year.

“This is my first year in this event and I think I did well,” Burn said. “Whenever I get a chance I drive around and get better at riding the vehicles. “

Burn said his family got him interested in driving an ATV and UTV. He said would like to compete in the mud races but due to his age, he has to wait a while.

“My mom, dad, uncle, and the rest of my guardians have taught me how to drive these vehicles,” Burn said. “ I go to the mud races and watch it but I can not compete in it because I am not old enough.”


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